ProviderCOM along with VSP

Computer Recovery, Repair and Reuse


Providercom along with Virtual Scavengers

 Feeding Our Youth with technology


   Virtual Scavengers along with Providercom runs as a not profit organization with the goal of providing valuable employment training opportunities, customer service, and the provision of low-cost new and refurbished computers and technical support to residents of Indiana. Many participants of the VSP and Providercom program have not done well in traditional classroom settings, due to problems ranging from poor reading skills to attention-deficit problems. Some demographic groups that have benefitted from working with us are:


- Metropolitan High School

- College Students

- Dislocated workers

- Single mothers and single fathers

- Those seeking entry to the Information technology industry      who cannot easily access more traditional modes of entry.

- Those individuals just wanting to learn a valuable personal skill. 

   Providercom has taught many how to do their jobs by asking questions and seeking the answers together. Following our process students can learn at their own pace working at tasks that hold their interests.