ProviderCOM Virtual Scavengers

Computer Recovery, Repair and Reuse


Providercom & Hope Training Academy 

Virtual Scavengers Project runs as a non-profit organization and its goal is to provide valuable employment training opportunities through Hope Training Academy. These training opportunities include CompTIA A+, Quickbooks, and Microsoft Office Specialist certifications. The skills that are offered are technical support training skills with the provision of doing a 14 week training program. We have a dedicated technical staff here at Hope Training Academy that are certified through various training facilities. The 14 week IT program allows us to give the recipient the tools needed to take their certification test as an IT Technician. Our program is for those seeking entry to the Information Technology Industry that can't easily access more traditional modes of entry into the industry.


Hope Training Academy provides funded scholarships at no cost and is enrolling students weekly.

Please call (317) 313-8328 for more information or visit | (317) 832-8778