ProviderCOM along with VSP

Computer Recovery, Repair and Reuse


 We here at Providercom would like to invite you to join us in recycling in helping keeping our environment clean of toxic and deadly materials. We are a an environmentally friendly company that recycles old monitors, printers and all computers  and elctronic devices. Due to the mercury that is in monitors and ink that is in printers we as for $15.00 per monitor and $10 per printer, all first time donation fees will be waived. The fee is for the proper disposal of the monitor and printers so the mercury and ink does not end up in our drinking water and keep our friendly eco system and ozone layer clean. The computers that are donated to us are wiped clean with government approve software to help prevent information from being sent out and put in the wrong hands and to prevent identity theft. For pickups there is a minimum fee of $60.00 even if there are no monitors or printers involved with pickup.You can call Providercom at (317) 313-8328 or Email me at;

We do hope to see you.


PS: We do not need an EPA number because we have three venders that are EPA certified that work with our nonprofit organization to help us to keep a low over head in our recycling project.

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