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Closing the technology gap all over the world with one prayer at a time!

Virtual Scavengers Project is a non-for-profit organization that specializes in new low-cost refurbished computers and all electrical devices.

Our primary goals are:

Computer recovery - The recovery of computers from businesses and consumers provides an alternative to the traditional process of paying for the removal of your computer equipment. It also provides an opportunity for Providecom to repair or upgrade the computers to have them re-issued to consumers as a low cost alternative to the high cost of PC's today. 

Repair - By repairing computer components we are doing our part in keeping computer parts out of landfills and saving our earth! Keeping our eco system free of toxic and hazardous materials.Did you know if 5,000,000 people recycled there computers or laptops that would save 200,000 lbs of mercury and toxic ink from landing in our landfills and our childrens drinking water.

Reuse - Many of the components that we receive through donations are repairable. We take the time to refurbish and replace them back into the PC's or laptops that we sell at a reduced rate to needy families, college students, and other organizations and businesses.

We also offer computer training through Hope Training Academy. While also offering repair services at low cost for computers and technical support to residences of Indiana! To read more about these services and the cost associated with each of them, click on the Contact Us page for complete details on how to obtain this information.